We are a collective of product studios.

In 2015, a group of small studios joined together to create the Nest Collective, sharing a common love for creating great products for both clients and ourselves.

Our model? Instead of building one, large, generic consultancy group, we choose to keep our studios small, agile and focused. Each company is independent and focuses on its specific technological expertise.

Together, we share space, projects, and values. This way, we can draw the best knowledge from our specialized studios, while being able to handle bigger and multi-tech projects.



Android design and development


Mobile development


Independent magazine imports

Made by Form

Web and iOS development, UX design and research

Mimicry Games

Virtual reality and game development studio


Web development for Health

Ricardo Antunes
& Rui Miguel Simões

Legal services

Sursumcorda Resource Group

Software and multimedia development

WOW Cardboard

Google Cardboard VR viewers