These are the values we share.


People before business

Companies only make sense if their people are happy. Make sure everyone feels valued and cared for. Don’t compromise compensation and work conditions for an unsustainable business.

Hire on potential

More than current ability, hire people with ambition to learn and grow. Invest in them, but give them full responsibility and freedom.

Take them to the next step

Prepare people for the next step in their career, even if that means leaving the company and starting their own business. Don't hide people inside the company. Take them to clients, show-off their work and credit them properly. Save time for training and personal projects.


Deliver your best work

Strive to deliver the best work you can make. Don't accept work you can't excel at. Focus on specific projects and markets you can perform in.

Focus on results

Set goals for each project and measure the outcomes. Sell value and results instead of features, both in consulting and in product development. Always train and improve.

Use and share open tools

Favor open tools that enable you to understand how they work. Give back by contributing to existing projects. Release internal tools that could benefit others, publically.


Bootstrap businesses and products

Build on existing revenue. Don't build companies on unreasonable expectations. Avoid quick-cash VC investment because of that. Aim for revenue and profitability as soon as possible.

Grow slowly but assertively

You can grow companies, not only with bigger projects and more people, but also through efficiency and effectiveness. Plan long term and invest in the people.

Take part in the community

Companies don't exist in a vacuum. Help grow the community around you to be sustainable. Share business opportunities, knowledge, and advise new companies.