Effective Web Design

Effective Web Design

Coimbra, Portugal    6 days

Renato Vaz of RedLight

Effective Web Design is a Nest Collective training that merges two disciplines together, web design and web development. Being lectured by a web designer who learned the hard way how to make websites and apps work, we can safely say that this is indeed a major overview on web design but, you know, just more effective than you might think.


Software developers and designers who want to improve their knowledge of web design. Attendees are expected to be able to quickly jump on HTML and CSS code, so basic understanding of these technologies is required.


We expect attendees to:

  • - gain experience in working with the adequate tools for web-design
  • - acknowledge and be aware of the importance of UX on the process and how UX and UI complement each other
  • - be able to translate a finalized graphical design into a functional web page
  • - implement a responsive website with HTML/SASS, with the correct structure, hierarchy and consistency
  • - gain knowledge and be able to apply SASS for added organization and higher modularity
  • - become aware of performance and device related issues


This postwork training will be lead in a hands-on approach during 6 sessions with a 3h duration each. The training will be focused on learning by doing, where participants can bring their own projects to work on.
General format will consist on:

  • - gathering knowledge on the techniques that will be used
  • - doing an analysis of a pre-existing web design
  • - planning the correct tools and technologies for development
  • - performing the implementation of the selected design


Sept 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 (20:00–23:00)
15 participants max.
Coimbra, Portugal
290€ Regular / 190€ Student (incl. VAT)


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  1. Basics of web design
    • Development environment + tools of the trade
    • UI & UX - how they complement each other
    • Typography - contrast, not conflict
  2. Technologies and implementation
    • HTML consistency and hierarchy
    • SASS
    • Responsiveness - mobile first vs desktop first
  3. Design review
    • Analysing an existing design and preparing for the hands-on implementation
  4. Hands on implementation of a working web site

Required materials

Development environment (instructions will be available beforehand or at the beginning of the first session)


Torre Arnado (Business Center)
Rua João de Ruão, nº 12
Coimbra, Portugal


In the city center
5 minute walk from train stations
Hotels and restaurants nearby